We All Deserve to Feel Beautiful

Hey all – It’s been a while, I know.  It’s been a little hectic around here between the boys constantly being sick, us rarely having a day off or a moment to breathe, and then of course spending this week preparing for hurricane Matthew, which, thank goodness did not hit us nearly as hard as had been predicted.  While we are SO thankful, we are also still deeply saddened by all the pain and destruction it has caused in other areas of the state, country, and world.  It breaks my heart to know so many people have lost their homes and worse, their lives.

But I digress (how could I not?)  I wanted to take this post to quickly (literally, before the boys wake up in about 10 minutes…) talk about body acceptance.  As a woman, a mother, and a dietitian, I hear so many women bash their beautiful bodies for having done nothing wrong.  And in fact, those bodies have given them such incredible experiences in life, and perhaps even blessed them with children.  Yet, we continue to be nothing but harsh and unforgiving to our bodies.  And yes, I’M TALKING TO YOU!  YOU!  You who says things, such as…

“I can’t wear anything sleeveless because my arms are too flabby.”

“I don’t wear shorts!  I have giggly thighs with cellulite.”

“I don’t wear my hair up (or down) because it accentuates my double-chin.”

“I love this dress but it makes me look fat.”

“My belly is still sagging from when I had my kids.  It really upsets me.”

“My hips are too big to wear bathing suits.”

“I can’t wear bikinis because my stomach has that pooch, and it looks gross.”

“I’m going on a fast to shrink a few inches away.”

This list could really go on and on.  I’ve heard it all.  And yes, perhaps I’ve even said it all myself.  But WHY do we think this way?  Why do we let the diet and fitness industries bash us into believing that we must lose weight or tone up in order to wear a bikini or a form-fitting dress?  Why do we deprive ourselves of what we want to eat in order to make every attempt to lose the tummy bulge?  Who made these rules and regulations regarding our very own bodies?  Who said we weren’t allowed to accept and love our bodies just the way we were meant to be?

Perhaps you say to yourself, “well, I accept these features on others’ bodies, but it’s JUST ME that can’t be this fat, this jiggly, this…whatever.”  If you can accept your friend’s belly rolls, why can’t you accept yours?  If you can see a model’s “plus size” as beautiful, why can’t you see your own size as beautiful?  If you can say that “everyone has cellulite” then why can’t you be happy with your own cellulite?

I say…this is ridiculous now.  Let’s put our feet down and take a stand.  Stand up for your body’s right to live the way it wants, the way God created it to be.  Take a stand for your friend’s body.  Take a stand for your mother’s body.  Take a stand for the women who are ridiculed and berated for simply wearing a tight shirt.  Take a stand for yourself.  So when someone says something hurtful about the way another woman looks or dresses, either stand up and say, “No, I won’t remark on her appearance because she deserves to look and feel beautiful exactly as she is.”  Or just don’t say anything at all, but think yourself that she is beautiful and that you are beautiful.  Every time someone makes a negative comment about someone’s appearance, say something that grounds you in positivity.  Perhaps you can simply say something like, “she looks like she feels happy to me” or “maybe she feels good wearing that.”  However you can, take a stand for women all over the world and for yourself.

Because my God, WE ALL DESREVE TO FEEL BEAUTIFUL!  Say it until you believe it, my dear.  Because it is true.  We all deserve to feel and know that we are truly beautiful.  Beautiful today-not 10 pounds from now or when you’re cellulite-free or when your arms a little less fat or when your calves are more toned.  No, no, no!  TODAY YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.


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