Being a Twin Mom

I often get asked: “what’s it like having twins?” I usually smile and answer with a simple, “busy.”  And then in moments like today, I think, this is what it’s really like.  Both boys came down with a bad virus this week accompanied by pink eye.  Over the past 2 months alone, they’ve had 2 colds and rotavirus (#daycarelife).  They only turned 10 months old this week.  And today, as one continued crying in his overtired but wanted to fight sleep state, the other continued grabbing my face with both hands, biting my chin as hard as he could, crying from feeling like plain crap and teething.  Moments like that, I think, this is what it’s like to have twins.  And when they continue to crawl in opposite directions, one grabbing the ceramic cat dishes and the other trying to grab filthy shoes, I think, this is what it’s like to have twins.  And when one grabs his spoon and throws it at you and the other grabs the dish and dumps it out, I think, this is what it’s like having twins.  And when they both have a bad night with nonstop crying and waking all night long, I think, this is what it’s like having twins.

But then… there’s so much more to it.  Sometimes, one of my boys wants to be held and the other just wants to curl up in mommy’s lap.  Sometimes, they both sleep soundly and look like the cutest little buttons in the whole wide world.  Sometimes they make each other giggle and laugh all day long.  Sometimes they roll around together and keep each other company.  Sometimes they share pacifiers and don’t even care when the other one needs it more.  Sometimes they fall asleep on my husband and me and it’s pure love and joy.

Sure, there are days that feel like they drag on forever, when they’re cranky all day and never want to nap.  It happens.  And I’ll admit it, I’ve asked God to have mercy on my soul more than once.  But then there are all those other moments.  My boys are my world, my everything.  I’ve only been a mom for 10 months, and I can barely remember what life was like before being a mom-before my heart was overflowing with love.  And sometimes I wonder, what’s it like being a mom to a singleton?

And truthfully, being a great twin mom, in my opinion and life, is just as important as being a great twin dad.  I am lucky enough to be married to a pretty great guy who also happens to adore our boys.  We work together as much as possible to build a life of love and happiness for the 2 best baby boys in the world 🙂

Forever chasing babies, soon to be forever chasing toddlers…

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